Over 50? Add These 7 Foods To Your Diet Now

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As we age, we start seeing that our bodies don’t handle some snacks and meals like they used to do. We aren’t as full of energy. We have to watch our weight, our cholesterol, and our blood sugar levels. That extra roll around our middle is beginning to look like a lifelong companion. But we certainly aren’t doomed to poor health.

Johannah Sakimura on everydayhealth.com is a registered dietician. She wrote about seven foods to add to your diet now if you’re over 50 years old. As she points out, they aren’t any surprises or costly things that are hard to find. This is a list of affordable and tasty fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins that aren’t difficult to incorporate in our daily meals. But these simple foods have big benefits. Discover what to put on your shopping list when you click the link below.


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