6 Reasons 10,000 Steps A Day Helps Type 2 Diabetes

I can’t think of a single person I know who has diabetes that wanted this health problem. No one wakes up hoping to get it, but too many of us don’t do enough to avoid it. We postpone exercising because we have too much to do. Then we’re too tired. Besides, doesn’t ten thousand steps sound like a really long way to walk?

Beth W. Orenstein at everydayhealth.com posted this article about six reasons why 10,000 steps a day helps manage Type 2 diabetes. It’s not about the 10,000 steps, which by the way, may be around 5 miles for some people. It’s about moving. If you don’t walk much more than between your office and the car, consider walking once around the building as well. The benefits are worth the effort. Go ahead, see why. Get motivation to get moving when you click the link below.


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