17 Hair Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

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A lot of us get frustrated with our hair. Sometimes it’s hard to manage, or we want a new style, but aren’t sure what’s best. When we’re in a hurry, there’s little time to fuss with curling irons. So why not brush up on a few tricks for making your hair look great with minimum effort?

After our how to clean hair brushes post from last time, we found this great post. Alison at howdoesshe.com shared this illustrated collection of seventeen hair hacks that every girl should know. See how to make a ponytail look fuller and use bobby pins more effectively. Find out how to vary the type of curl you create and build a better braid. If your hair feels too dry and dead, learn how to bring it back to life. Give your lovely locks a makeover when you click the link below.


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